October 17, 2018

Senior Portrait | Fall Portraits | Reading, MA Photographer

This time of year is very busy with fall portraits and high school senior portraits. I really enjoy getting to know each senior.  We asked Ana to answer a few questions after her session. I have to say I love the last image in this blog post. Mom is giving her daughter a big hug and kiss.

This photograph from our senior portrait session will make for an amazing announcement come graduation day!

Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Ana Petrovic. I’m 17 years old and I go to Wilmington High School. I play lacrosse in the spring and I love to spend time with my friends and family.

What are your plans after your senior year?

I would like to enter MCPHS next fall and major in pharmaceutical sciences.

High school seniors tend to like posing for their portraits in tall grass with a neutral color scheme.

Describe your style and the look you were after for your portrait session.

I love the fall so I chose some sweater weather clothes to make it look cozy.

What drew you to this location and setting?

 I love the scenery’s nature has to offer, so since I love the fall I thought the Cranes Estate would be the perfect place because of all the fall colored trees.

A blurred backdrop of this stone wall draws your eye towards this high school senior.

What part of the session did you find was the most helpful?

 Jennifer really knew how to get a real smile out of me and she had really good poses to make the pictures look unique.

Were you nervous?

 Not really because I love taking pictures and I was looking forward to taking my senior pictures the way I wanted to.

Using the hands to pose high school seniors can make or break the portrait.

What did you enjoy most about the ordering appointment?

 I liked how Jennifer put together a slide show to introduce the pictures first and get a feel of it.

White flowers fill the backdrop of this high school senior portrait.

If you could go back and do the session again would you do anything differently?

 I probably would’ve changed my shoes and got some brown boots.

posing with the rolling hills of the crane estate makes for a dramatic senior portrait.

Do you have any advice to other high school seniors?

Really think about yourself and what you love the most. Try to turn it into a place where you could take your pictures so the pictures can show who you really are.

I feel it is important to capture a photograph of mom and her senior before they go off to school.