October 1, 2018

High School Senior Portrait | Wingaersheek Beach | Winchester, Photographer

I had a wonderful time on the beach with this beautiful senior from Winchester, MA.

Tell us a little about yourself. I’m a senior at Winchester High School. I do gymnastics competitively and practice 24 hours a week. I’m also drawn to art and love photography.

What are your plans after your senior year? I am committed to Ohio State University for gymnastics. I am super excited to go there and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

In this senior portrait you can see the beautiful sunset which created a dramatic silhouette of our gymnast on the rocky beach.

 Describe your style and the look you were after for your portrait session. I wore a few outfits. The dress I wore was more of a professional, but also cute and young look. My second outfit with the sweater was supposed to convey a more comfortable and natural look. Lastly I wore the white off the shoulder shirt, trying to have a look in between both.

 What drew you to this location and setting? I was drawn to Wingaersheek Beach because I have always loved the beach and felt at peace there.  

A photographer likes to get some serious portraits of high school seniors during their portrait session on the beach.

What was your favorite part of your portrait session? My favorite part of the session was the very end. The sunset was beautiful and I felt comfortable around Jennifer. It was easy to be myself and create some of the best photos.

 Were you nervous? I was a little nervous in the beginning but as Jennifer talked to me and told me some jokes I became more calm and confident.

This senior got a little wet and dirty during her beach senior portrait.

What part of the session did you find was the most helpful? I would not go and do anything different. I think the photos really show who I am and my personality.

I tried laying down in the sand to get a great photograph on the beach during this senior portrait session.

Do you have any advice to other high school seniors? My advice for others seniors is to try to stay as relaxed and calm as possible. Also to make as much of the time and create special moments with your high school.

I enjoy getting my seniors to laugh by telling them some funny jokes during our portrait session.This senior portrait of this Winchester high school blonde looks like it should be in a magazine.Posing seniors with drift wood on the beach and sea grass behind them looks great for a photo session.Capturing the ocean and rocky shore helps frame this senior portrait to become artistic.