October 7, 2018

High School Senior Portrait | The Crane Estate | Reading, MA Photographer

Tell us a little about yourself and what are your plans after your senior year?

My name is Georgie Jones and I am currently a senior at Reading Memorial High School. After senior year, I plan to go to college to study Elementary Education.

Describe your style and the look you were after for your portrait session.

My style is very laid back and a little goes a long way. I was looking for a very natural look.

Stairs make for a great place to pose girls during their senior portrait photo session.Close up and beautiful a long lens can make an amazing senior portrait!

 What drew you to this location and setting?

I particularly enjoyed the location I chose because it had a little bit of everything. There was woodsy area as well as flowered areas.

The crane estate makes for a European feel for this high school senior portrait. Were you nervous?

I was not particularly nervous because I have worked with JBug images before and felt comfortable.

What part of the session did you find was the most helpful? I enjoyed being able to change up the background of my photos and got many different options as senior portraits.

This high school senior lay in a field of tall grass for her senior portrait.We cropped this portrait to be a panoramic to give this high school senior an artistic look.

If you could go back and do the session again would you do anything differently?

If I could go back to do the session again, I would not change much about my current photos. I possibly would have changed an outfit but nothing major.  

Do you have any advice to other high school seniors?

If I could tell another high school senior anything, I would say not to be nervous and enjoy the photo session.

Rod Iron gate makes for a nice setting for this Reading high school senior portrait.The soft pink shirt looks great against the rolling hills of the Crane Estate.