March 28, 2019

Fresh 48 Session | Documentary Style Photography | Newborn | Hospital

I had the pleasure of photographing one of my clients in the hospital after she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. This type of photography is more of a documentary style and captures the candid moments. It’s called a “Fresh 48” session.  Such precious moments, especially  when big brother arrived to meet his baby sister for the first time. He brought her a birthday present and he even sang happy birthday to her! I documented him holding her for the first time.  I wish I had known about Fresh 48 sessions when we were pregnant.  These images taken in the hospital will always bring this family back to the special day when their baby girl was born.  You can schedule me  to come to the hospital within the first 48 hours of the baby being born. This will be an add-on option for my newborn clients.

This Boston Family hired me to come to the hospital and photograph the first 48 hours of their baby's life.This photograph is from a Fresh 48 Session with mom holding the baby girl against the hospital window.Big brother arrived at the hospital to give his new sister a birthday gift!This image shows big brother standing on tip toes to see his new baby sister in the hospital.This fresh 48 newborn session shows big brother holding his new baby sisters toes.During the first 48 hours of giving birth I arrived to take a portrait of big brother holding baby sister.This little boy received a hospital band to show he was the big brother of the newborn baby girl. This black and white photograph documents big brother meeting his baby sister in the hospital for the first time.