June 12, 2019

First Christening Portrait | Sibling Photographer | Reading, MA

Mom and dad wanted to document their baby girls first christening with a portrait of her in this beautiful white dress. I thought it would be nice to add some pop of color with this red and yellow tulips. Big brother also came along to get some sibling photographs. It’s hard to believe a couple of years ago we took his first christening portrait.  Now he is old enough to show off some of his dance moves!

This baby girl is dressed up in her first christening gown and holding flowers for her portrait.
This little girl plays with a flower during her first Christening photo shoot.
White is a great backdrop for christening portraits.
Big brother shows off his dance moves for the photographer.
Portrait of big brother dressed up for his photo shoot.
Big Brother gives a pink rose to his baby sister!
This portrait was taken in the spring with big brother holding his baby sister outside against the daffodils.