October 3, 2019

Family Beach Portraits | Newton, Photographer

We decided to hit beach to do a family portrait session. Stage Fort Park has a large variety of settings to choose from. I brought a few props which make for adorable portraits.  Who can resist a little boy playing with his wooden sail boat. We got some wonderful images of him with his mom and dad. He was all smiles! I just ordered their wall display and I can’t wait for it to arrive.

This photograph is artistic and yet very simple of a boy on the beach.
I love the colors and the simplicity of this image of the boy searching for shells on the beach.
I photographed this family on the steps at Stage Fort Park in MA.
Steps make the perfect tool when posing families for portraits.
Asking children to sing their favorite song during a portrait session can help bring the smiles out.
Just adorable!
I love to capture life style moments when photographing a family session.
A family moment captured
Props help children forget they are being photographed and they can relax and be in the moment.
Playing with a sailboat on the seashore.