October 29, 2018

Fall Family Portraits | Maternity Photographs | Endicott Park Photographer

This family wanted to capture their last moments as a family of three. This adorable little girl is going to make a wonderful big sister!

We like to ask our clients about their portrait experience.

Why did you choose JBug images?

After seeing photos on the website I loved all the images and knew it was the right fit.This maternity portrait was taken during a family session on location with the fall foliage.What inspired you to book a family portrait session?

I really wanted to capture images of my daughter, my husband and I together.

What was it that drew you to this location and setting?

I wanted a lot of foliage in my pictures and loved the rustic look of the barn and it was such a spacious area to take numerous pictures. Jennifer made the suggestion of Endicott Park and it was perfect .

Vintage suitcase gives a classic childhood feel to this fine art portrait of a little girl.Were you nervous or did you feel you were prepared for your session?

I was not nervous speaking to Jennifer and having the pre-consultation phone call answered all my questions. I knew how to dress and what colors would be appropriate with her help and I knew what to expect. The rustic fence makes for a great tool to pose this family portrait. What was my favorite part of the experience?

Spending time with my daughter and husband and capturing the images.

this Maternity photograph was taken against a blue rustic barn door.

What were my thoughts on the ordering appointment?

I thought It was easy and organized. Jennifer had everything set up and took the time to explain all the packages in detail to me again and she had examples of the different pieces I could choose from.

Mommy kisses her little girl in this family portrait.There is nothing like a happy little girl to put a smile on your face.