September 28, 2018

Fall Family Portraits | Crane Beach | Reading, MA Photographer

Why did you choose JBug Images to photograph your family?

Jen has taken our family photographs for years, she knows our family well, and knows the challenges of photographing children. I like to capture our family on a yearly basis.  It makes Christmas card ordering a breeze and gives me a snapshot in time to look back on and see how we’ve all grown.

Why did you choose this location?

We chose the Crane beach as our location since we spend a lot of time there together as a family.  We’re lucky to live close to a beach and I want to capture the joy it brings to our lives.

 Did you feel you were prepared for your session?

I felt prepared for our session because Jen gave great tips about outfits and warned us that the wind can have an effect on our attire and hair.

What was your favorite part of the experience?

I enjoy seeing the boys personalities shining through.  Cam is getting more and more responsible and did a great job during portraits.  Wesley is a typical 4 year old and did his best before getting his pants wet.  Also hearing Jen talk about poop to get the kids to laugh in hope of capturing natural smile.

Ten, twenty years from now how do you think your family will feel when they look back on these portraits?

The boys asked me on the way home why I make us take photos and I said that I want to look back when we’re older and remember our family unit at this point in time.  I expect to cherish these memories. We plan to use the images for Christmas cards and to display on the wall.

We had a perfect day for soft pastel colors as a backdrop to our beach family portrait session.Brothers are so much fun to take photographs of especially when you capture the dynamic between them.Wooden steps are a great place to pose little boys for their portrait when you are at the beach.Always a must to get a father and son photograph during our family portrait sessions.Mom is going to enjoy looking back on these memories from her family portrait session.I called to the youngest boy to turn around for the camera as the family was walking away.A perfect photograph of the two Reading brothers posing on Crane beach.A black and white portrait captures the sweet moments between brothers at the beach.