Many people like to capture milestone moments like newborn photographs, a first birthday, the loss of a first tooth. When I talk to parents who are interested in scheduling a High School Senior portrait I ask they if they would like to consider combining the session with a family portrait.  It is a big change when our children grow up and leave home. This portrait is timeless until the grandchildren start to arrive…

We asked this mother to complete some questions about her portrait experience.

In this senior portrait photograph the girl dressed in fall colors to match the rusty color of the leaves.

Why did you choose JBug Images

Jennifer was recommended by a friend.

What inspired you to book a family portrait session?

My daughter’s senior year in high school.  We also took professional family pictures which was a first for us.

Using a wooden fence is a great when posing high school seniors for their portrait.Please share any goals that you had for your family portrait.

Was hoping to get a few pictures that were unique, pretty and captured a genuine portrayal of who we are.  I didn’t want staged, standard studio shots.  Again, this was our first formal pictures so I’m not sure when we’ll do this again.

This is a beautiful family portrait with a rod iron gate and ivy.What was it that drew you to this location and setting?

I love the fall and all the amazing colors and sunlight that goes through the trees. My daughter has long pretty red hair, so I thought she’d fit in well with the scenery too.

I like to use jokes to make high schools seniors laugh during our portrait sessions.

Were you nervous or did you feel you were prepared for your session?

We’re always nervous about pictures, but Jennifer was great about sending out instructions on what to expect.

This black and white portrait of the high school senior creates a warm feel.

I had a general thought, but no idea where to go.  Jennifer had 2 locations that she thought I’d like.  We chose the Endicott Park which was perfect.  We were lucky and had an amazing fall day in mid-October with the late afternoon light.

A blurred background makes this senior portrait so cool!

What was your favorite part of the experience?

I like how Jen had us moving along so that we could take advantage of all the settings.  This offered a wide variety of pictures to pick from when choosing photos.  She has a very relaxed style and is fun to work with.  She is able to get the right look to capture a good photo.  Even for those people who do not like or are uncomfortable with having their pictures taken.

A fall family portrait in a country setting.

What were your thoughts on the ordering appointment?

Very nice.  She had warm cider and donuts waiting as we discussed the process to pick pictures and the type of products available.  As we chose pictures she offered her opinion and helped me to narrow down the best selections.

The barn door makes a great backdrop for this senior portrait.

Ten, twenty years from now how do you think your family will feel when they look back on these portraits?

I know we’ll enjoy them!  I’m glad I made the effort to get “real” photos taken.  It’s great since I have my Christmas cards done and gifts for my mom and in-laws too.  If I need a professional photographer again, I will enlist Jennifer.

As a parent we all love to capture photos of our children whether it’s with a cell phone or a fancy camera. It seems rare to have “Mom” appear in the photograph because they are typically standing behind the camera. Our goal for this recent session was to illustrate the love between this mother and her daughters as well as fun childhood moments.  Stay tuned for their holiday card photos…

We like to ask our clients about their portrait experience.

Why did you choose JBug Images

Jen is a dear friend, and I knew she’d be able to capture my kids personalities.  She is also very patient and reassuring.Documenting the love and strong bond between mother and daughter is important part of being a photographer.What inspired you to book a family portrait session? 

Professional family photos are important to me.  I don’t often get to be in pictures with my kids, I’m always taking the photos.  I want them to have pictures of themselves with me.  I love looking back at our session pictures and remembering who my kids were at various ages.  Especially when the photographer captures little idiosyncrasies of their personalities – missing teeth, silly facial expressions, crazy dance poses, belly laughs…Mom is kissing her young daughter in this mother daughter portrait session.

Please share any goals that you had for your family portrait. 

Capturing this moment in my kids lives.  An awesome Christmas card photo.  An updated FB profile pic :).  Photos worthy of giving as Christmas gifts to grandparents, aunts, and uncles.  Photos for my own walls.  Photos my kids can look back at some day and make them smile.I love to capture the belly laughs that children have during my photography sessions.

What was it that drew you to this location and setting?

 The fall colors, and rustic barns.

Were you nervous or did you feel you were prepared for your session?

I felt very at ease. I had picked comfortable clothes for us ahead of time.  I also made up my mind to just go with the flow, and not be stressed about how the kids would do.We love the portraits with the blur background of fall foliage.

Did you have a location in mind to display your images?

Yes. Hallway and my bedroom.  And a picture for each kid’s bedroom shelf.  Also wanted to hang some for my mom in the room she stays in here.Photographing families along a tree lined country lane frames the people for the portrait.What was your favorite part of the experience?

The ordering appointment!  Jen was incredibly helpful and patient and talented – and didn’t make me leave until I was happy with what we picked.  I was so relieved to have pictures to hang on their way, and I knew exactly where they would go.  She is a super talented “designer” :)

What were your thoughts on the ordering appointment?

See above.  Love the spiced cider too!The love between sisters is so strong in this photograph.

Ten, twenty years from now how do you think your family will feel when they look back on these portraits?

I think they will make us all smile and provide conversation for family memories and family stories.  They will trigger memories of this time in our family’s life.  Who we were, what we were doing, and what we looked like.  Who was missing teeth, who liked to be silly, who liked to pose.  What they looked like shy or serious or belly laughing… how they held hands or looked at their momma… how I looked at them.  I hope they can feel the love I had and will always have for them when they look at these pictures.Black and white portraits are beautiful for capturing heart felt moments in time.This big sister is smiling at her silly little sister in this portrait.

This time of year is very busy with fall portraits and high school senior portraits. I really enjoy getting to know each senior.  We asked Ana to answer a few questions after her session. I have to say I love the last image in this blog post. Mom is giving her daughter a big hug and kiss.

This photograph from our senior portrait session will make for an amazing announcement come graduation day!

Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Ana Petrovic. I’m 17 years old and I go to Wilmington High School. I play lacrosse in the spring and I love to spend time with my friends and family.

What are your plans after your senior year?

I would like to enter MCPHS next fall and major in pharmaceutical sciences.

High school seniors tend to like posing for their portraits in tall grass with a neutral color scheme.

Describe your style and the look you were after for your portrait session.

I love the fall so I chose some sweater weather clothes to make it look cozy.

What drew you to this location and setting?

 I love the scenery’s nature has to offer, so since I love the fall I thought the Cranes Estate would be the perfect place because of all the fall colored trees.

A blurred backdrop of this stone wall draws your eye towards this high school senior.

What part of the session did you find was the most helpful?

 Jennifer really knew how to get a real smile out of me and she had really good poses to make the pictures look unique.

Were you nervous?

 Not really because I love taking pictures and I was looking forward to taking my senior pictures the way I wanted to.

Using the hands to pose high school seniors can make or break the portrait.

What did you enjoy most about the ordering appointment?

 I liked how Jennifer put together a slide show to introduce the pictures first and get a feel of it.

White flowers fill the backdrop of this high school senior portrait.

If you could go back and do the session again would you do anything differently?

 I probably would’ve changed my shoes and got some brown boots.

posing with the rolling hills of the crane estate makes for a dramatic senior portrait.

Do you have any advice to other high school seniors?

Really think about yourself and what you love the most. Try to turn it into a place where you could take your pictures so the pictures can show who you really are.

I feel it is important to capture a photograph of mom and her senior before they go off to school.